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I don’t get it. Basically, walking around NYCC just made me angry. I don’t get, its at every con, every year, i read another thing like this happening, and every con, every year, there’s the whole tumblr robot roll-call of “LETS SIGNAL BOOST THIS” “LETS REPORT THIS”

Whatever happened to good old fashioned ass kicking? Dudes used to get slapped in the face if they acted like this, nowadays the dudes slink away giggling and the women just go on tumblr. Why do we even need to ask these cons to put up anti-harassment fliers? Plenty of dudes link up to wear their rape-wolves shirts, and i bet they wouldn’t if they knew they’d see some violence.

But more so, i just feel sick of it. I never liked cons, i’m never shy about saying why. Generally, it’s a really good way to waste your time on a weekend, but honestly, it kind of all crystallized together yesterday. Most people haven’t spent much time shopping for porn in one of those seedy joints on 8th ave. They never experience the flourescent lighting, the rows and rows of pin ups and exploitation, an industry that just pumps out schlock and garbage, all of it imitating something you’ve seen before, with barely there story or none at all. What’s sad, is this experience is exactly the same experience as going to Artist Alley.

For all of the bullshit that goes around, of “i just love the female form” or “its just idealized beauty,” I just see a bunch of mouth breathers who wear children’s tshirts while drawing wank material for other man children. How many sexy Velmas and Mary Janes do i need to see? And because its so pervasive, because its everything and everywhere, we just accept that we’re walking around a room filled with half filled boners and that’s okay.

There’s arguments about cosplay not being consent, which is such a broken debate because it takes place in a space where half the images being costumed are of characters that’s only existence depends on being a sexual object. SLAVE Leias and Wonder Women who’s only armor is a fucking bracelet. How can i expect any dude to understand some complex shit like white male privilege, when they prefer to spend their whole lives in echo chambers of caveboy spandex. Where every “strong female character” is just another fanboy fantasy with guns strapped on. All the elaborate justifications in the world can’t change the fact that Black Widow was introduced to us tied up, that despite years of slash fiction online and in zines, we’ll see plenty of lesbian witches but never one gay Captain America. That Uhura is an even less important character in Star Trek today, than yesterday. That because we loved pacific rim so much, we had to ignore the fact that it fails the bechdel test like every other movie, and…well..uhhh…lets just call it the Miyako test instead now. Fuck that shit.

If its not just a bunch of silent undercover wanking, then why don’t i see any one drawing VENOM Eddie Brock’s with a symbiote that makes him look like Witchblade? At the end of the day, the whole fucking comic world in America is sick. And you can argue it all day, and Artists will blame Writers. Writers will blame Editors. Editors will blame Corporate. Corporate won’t say a word. And the conventions keep coming, and all i see are back alley perverts and sad excuses. For every thong peeking up over a pair of painted on blue jeans, i should see the equivalent amount of beefcake.

But i won’t. And the whole thing should just fall out from under our feet.
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